about me

Hi! My name is Mitzelle! I’m a wife, mom, dog mom living a chaotic life one coffee at a time. I am addicted to coffee, ok maybe just a little obsessed (a lot obsessed). If coffee connoisseur were a thing, it could possibly be a thing, I would so choose that as my career. Among my list of addictions are purses and shoes. There are no limits to how many and I don’t care that I have no room for more. Fight me! I love makeup, art, and photography. I barely wear makeup, but I always love seeing the magic on everyone’s faces and pretend I could do the same to mine. I have a strange thing for pencils. Pencils with designs, phrases, and words on them. I never use them, but I’m always buying them! That Target bullseye section gets me E V E R Y single time.

Above all, my little family is my everything. My husband is a first responder, a paramedic with the Chicago Fire Department. He is the love of my life, my best friend, my life partner. I know, sounds very cliché, but it’s the damn truth. I don’t know if I could ever get through this thing called “life” without him. After all, its him who is always supporting all of my crazy ideas, including this blog. I have 3 kids (Jace, 19, Tyce, 11, and Rayne 10). They breathe life into me every single day. Whether they are driving me nuts or giving me hugs, they are what keeps me going even through the hardest of days. And, of course, I can’t forget about our German Shepherd Dog, Sona. She came into our lives at the perfect time. She is the balance between the calm and the chaos. I spend most of my time at home and when days get lost, or I get lost in whatever mood I’m in, I can count on her for the best hugs.

I have always loved to write, but have never really written. Anything. Just letters to my husband and ghost writing emails for my previous boss. So as you can imagine, starting this blog is definitely out of my comfort zone, and not knowing where this will go is scary. I turn 40 this year (2020) and came up with this crazy ass idea that I’d start blogging. Parts of me is still thinking “WTF” to myself, other parts are screaming “YOLO” you got this! I’ve spent most of my teenage and early adult life always second guessing myself, backing myself into a rabbit hole, afraid of taking chances. Yet, I’ll be the first to cheerlead everyone else with “you can do iiiittt!”

So, here I am, almost 40. Challenging myself to “do it.” Who knows where this will lead, but I hope you’ll stick around to follow this itsy bitsy life of mine fueled by coffee, chaos, and cuss words.

sincerely, Mitzelle