“I’ve got one hand in my pocket and another one holding a Starbucks cup.” – Me singing it to the tune of Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket.”

2020 you have given me a rocky start, but I’m not giving up on you yet! We are only 7 days in and I feel like I need a do-over. Everyone is all “New Year, New Me.” And here I am, like f*ck, can I start all over again? I mean, I’m here trying to figure out what show to binge watch on Netflix right now while I blog. Which, by the way, if you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments. Thanks! See how quickly I forgot about planning out my year? While everyone already has their goals set, I’ll be lucky enough to figure out what’s for dinner tonight.

What have I accomplished in the first week of the new year? I cleaned my kitchen, even mopped the floor! Purged some of our drink ware, that we have an insanely large amount of. Thank goodness for our neighborhood freebox group for getting them out of my kitchen. I still have a lot more, but it might take me time to part ways with them. Perhaps my goal for the year should be not to buy anymore! But did you see the Valentine’s day collection that Starbucks released? Ugh, ok fine! I won’t buy any (maybe).

I realize that I am not really great at setting goals, for myself at least. I try though and that should count for something. I bought a new Tul planner. I had one of those Happy planners which I loved, but this new Tul planner has a fancy wireless charger on it’s cover. I’m old school. I tried to use my iPhone, but I’m such a visual person that I couldn’t get use to putting things on my phone. When I did, I’d completely forget about it, even with the reminders. I still like the feel of a pen in my hand and writing things down on paper. So far, I’ve planned out my laundry days and the days I would treat myself to a Starbucks coffee. Priorities, I know!

Today was a Starbucks coffee day according to my planner, so I grabbed myself a Smoked Butterscotch Latte after dropping the kids off at school. I’m sad that the holidays are over because that means my favorite holiday drinks are no longer available. I guess it doesn’t matter though since I have a lot of favorite drinks at Starbucks. Well, because, C O F F E E. One thing I should probably remember on my designated “Starbucks coffee days” is to bring one of my reusable coffee cups. I’ve debated this a lot because if I decide on bringing my reusable coffee cup, I won’t be able to order my coffee ahead via the mobile app, and then I won’t get the extra rewards for doing mobile orders. See all the complex decisions I have to make?

Aside from coffee being on my mind, I’m still trying to figure out how often I should blog. My life is not that interesting so I can’t possibly blog everyday, but I want to blog enough so that I keep my audience engaged. I’ve been drawing inspiration from several different blogs I’ve come across on instagram. Hopefully I’ll gain some traction and put out content that you all find entertaining. If you have any advice for me, let me know!

In the meantime, I’m going to finish purging and organizing my drawers.

sincerely, Mitzelle

  1. i know what you mean about the blogging, i can’t blog every day either. I blog about travel mostly but ive started to blog about other things. i mostly do my ‘little thoughts’ on insta as i get the chance to do a little scrawl rather than pen a whole blog out. hope you have a good day.

  2. Just read this blog pretty late. Had a very busy couple of days, but at the same time, I’m sorta in your same situation. Had big aspirations for 2020, and I’m quickly feeling like I’m making no progress. I guess I should just give it some time. Thanks for yet another great blog!

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